Differences between the ring settings

Differences between the ring settings



The most classic style. It is a very versatile design & can go with any outfit on any occasion. You can wear it with any sort of wedding ring whether it has diamonds on it, or plain.

Another advantage to the timeless design is that the focus stays on the diamond, no matter the size, nor the quality. If you want to keep things simple & you would prefer the more minimalistic look, then solitaire is the way forward. This design has been around since the middle ages.



The design that has a lot of sparkle, with any sort of centre stone, the halo is a ring of small diamonds that surround the centre stone. With the assistance of the halo, it highlights the centre stone & it does make it look bigger than it actually is. This bright setting style also is an affordable way to obtain more of a dazzle in a affordable way without having to opt for a larger centre diamond.

You can also have a halo style ring on any shape diamond. Be it round, cushion, princess cut, pear.. There is a lot of options! 


3 Stone

The trilogy ring setting showcases a stunning set of diamonds put together. You can have 3 stones the same size, various sizes, or just have different shapes surrounding the centre stone. This is an alternative to the classic Solitaire style.These rings are rich in culture & symbolism.

There are some people who choose to have coloured gems surrounding the centre stone. You can mix it up in any way.


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