What are conflict free diamonds?

What are conflict free diamonds?

Conflict-free diamonds, which are also known as ethical diamonds, refer to diamonds that have been sourced and produced in a way that minimises or eliminates their contribution to conflict, human rights abuses, and environmental harm. The term "conflict-free" specifically relates to diamonds that are not associated with funding or supporting armed conflict, particularly in regions where the sale of diamonds has historically funded violent conflicts and human rights abuses.

Buying an ethically sourced diamond is important for several reasons:

  1. Human rights & fair practices when it comes to labour.
  2. Conflict prevention - Armed conflicts, abuse & more suffering
  3. Massive environmental impact.
  4. There is more transparency & therefore more accountability
  5. Consumer confidence which equates to happiness.
  6. Long term sustainability 

In summary, buying an ethically sourced diamond allows consumers to align their purchasing choices with their values, contribute to positive change in the diamond industry, and support efforts to protect human rights, prevent conflicts, and minimise environmental harm. It really empowers consumers to make a change as well as promoting a more responsible and sustainable diamond trade.

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