Why are solitaire rings classic & so popular?

Why are solitaire rings classic & so popular?

A solitaire ring is a type of ring that contains a single diamond or gemstone set as the centrepiece of the design. Solitaire rings are known for their elegant and timeless simplicity, making them a sought after choice for engagement rings and other special occasions.

There are also advantages, these are some of them

  1. You can choose any stone shape, so you therefore have lots of choice.
  2. Any metal you choose, the colour will be ready to flaunt.
  3. You have different collet styles within the solitaire range, such as Compass set, bezel settings & tension settings.
  4. You have one stone, so the focus remains on that, there are no distractions.

Solitaire rings are particularly favoured choices for engagement rings due to their symbolism of a single, unbreakable bond between two people. However, they are also chosen for other occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and milestone celebrations.

Solitaires are considered classic, some of the reasons are mentioned above & here are some more credentials to explain why.

  1. Minimalistic look
  2. Subtle Sophistication
  3. Timelessness
  4. Symbolism
  5. Elegance & Simplicity

So contact us today, if you would like more information, or would like us to send you some solitaire designs that we offer.


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