Why invest in gold?

Why invest in gold?

Why invest in gold?

 We will be giving key information out which should help you to make a more informed decision

 Gold has always been a safe investment for buyers around the world. The main reason is, its not difficult and strenuous to purchase & you can have nearly any budget and start collecting it.

 Purer forms of jewellery, such as 22ct gold, people invest in, as it is something wearable as well as storable. Asia is the largest market, as consumers invest in 21,22ct jewellery to store their finance & to give as gifts.


How do I know if the gold price is going up?

 You can simply type into google, gold price today!

Google results will show many established merchants showing the gold price of wherever you are in the world.

 It is often used as a payment form as well. Gold has a big advantage over other investments, that being high liquidity. This allows investors to sell the gold for cash any time.

 We always advise that investing in any asset or instrument, has risks attached, including gold. Nothing is guaranteed, therefore it can not always be safe. We recommend conducting your own research.


How has the gold price changed over the years?

 The gold price has definitely fluctuated over the years, however over a longer period view, you can see that the price has only gone up. Charts for reference, you can find on google.

 Here are some examples of various dates to compare.

 Prices per ounce:

 2005, July - £226.16

2007, July - £325.92

2010, April - £747.43

2015, October - £747.81

2019, April - £985.11

2021, March - £1,228.96

2023, January - £1,548.74


These prices prove that over a greater duration of time tends to be more profitable in the aspect of purchasing pure gold. So it is some food for thought. 

Here at Unis London, we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Just get in touch with us via email & we can give you gold for practically any price range you have in mind.


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